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Flex Roofing Material for RVs


Standard in 110" widths;  ANY lengths!

.040" thickness for easy bending.  4" minimum bend radius 


NOTE: Flex Roof MUST ship truck freight at an additional cost.

The Flexroof panel is designed to be a thinner, highly bendable, one piece roof panel for recreational vehicles and campers. Its flexibility allows the panel to bend around the radius that is created where the sidewall and roof meet. This results in a seamless, no leak roof panel
  • The smooth, gelcoated surface is designed for ease of repair 
  • Excellent weathering properties 
  • Will match and blend with smooth Filon sidewall products 
  • Can be used for roofing or on sidewalls 

Recommendations for applying colors: Be aware that the application of certain paint or decal film color, normally those with a darker appearance, may cause excessive heat build-up on the product resulting in possible sidewall rippling, cracking or delamination. Be sure to thoroughly test the colors in application prior to writing them into the design specification. NOTE: Application of certain paint/decals may affect performance

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